Intel Lakefield, Windows 10X and two displays: Surface Neo tablet introduced

In addition to the dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo, Microsoft introduced another device with the same

Feature - Surface Neo Tablet.

Why do you need it

Microsoft Surface Neo runs on newWindows 10X, designed specifically for dual-screen devices. The developers have tried to make the most efficient, energy-efficient and easy-to-work axis. Users will be able to take notes on one screen, and on the other watch a video presentation, write an email, while viewing a data spreadsheet. Windows 10X will run similar devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and ASUS.

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Inside and outside

At the heart of Microsoft Surface Neo are processorsIntel 11th generation, code-named Lakefield. Their main Sunny Cove core is made using a 10-nanometer process technology, like the other four Atom cores. In addition, the processor supports Foveros 3D technology, which should increase performance and reduce chip power consumption.

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Two 9-inch displays, as with the SurfaceDuo, connected by a strong hinge in the center and protected by Gorilla Glass. Each part of the device weighs 655 grams with a thickness of 5.6 mm. You can control Neo with your fingers or with the help of the Surface Pen stylus or a special keyboard. The latter can be attached to the magnets separately or in place of one of the displays. The keyboard will occupy approximately 70% of the display, which will allow you to use the free space for entering emoticons, switching documents or clips.

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Microsoft Surface Neo is still at the prototype stage, the start of sales is scheduled for the Christmas holidays 2020 (in a year).