iOS 13: list of devices not compatible with the firmware

Already in a couple of weeks, Apple is announcing a new mobile software iOS 13, the release of which

waiting for the whole community of iOS users. In the firmware will be added a lot of new chips, some of which are voiced here. But besides the changes in iOS 13 there is an equally exciting question - a list of compatible devices.

List of incompatible devices

The web has already had a rumor about deviceswhich will support iOS 13. This time there was information about which versions of devices will not be compatible with iOS 13. It is reported that iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE will be among them. Also, the original iPad Air and iPad mini 2 will no longer support the new platform. This information came from the French blog

More doubt is the lack of supportiPhone SE, because this phone uses the same A9 chip as in the iPhone 6s and the fifth generation iPad. And the last two models are known to be compatible with iOS 13. It can be assumed that Apple wants to abandon support for iOS devices with 4-inch displays, including iPhone 5s and iPhone SE, but then there is again a slight inconsistency. The sixth generation iPod touch is supposed to work under iOS 13, and it also has a display of the same size.

Thus, there are still many mysteries andguesses in this question, the answer to which we will be able to find out only on June 3, when the World Conference of Developers of WWDC 2019 will be held. Recall that within the framework of this event also software updates for Mac and Apple Watch will be presented.