IOS 13 will have Dark mode, more speed, new Maps and more

At the presentation in honor of the opening of the WWDC 2019 conference, Apple introduced iOS 13 with many new features and

improvements. Below we will talk about the main ones.

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  • Speed ​​and optimization
    1. Unlocking Face ID is 30% faster.
    2. Downloading applications has become twice as fast.
    3. Application updates weigh 60% less.
    4. Applications run twice as fast.
  • Dark mode
    1. Turns on through the Control Center.
    2. Dims the interface throughout the system.
    3. It is supported by all standard applications.
    4. Third-party applications will need to be updated.
  • Music
    1. In the Music application, karaoke mode has appeared.
  • Little things
    1. Keyboards now support swipe.
    2. When viewing messages through notifications, you can scroll through the entire dialog.
  • Safari
    1. You can easily change the font size on sites.
    2. Approximation can be configured on each site separately.
  • post office
    1. Different fonts are supported.
  • Notes
    1. New home screen with notes.
    2. Support for shared folders.
  • Reminders
    1. New app design.
    2. QuickType support.
    3. Smart Lists.
  • Cards
    1. The application is redone from scratch.
    2. The Look Around feature is Google Street View for Apple Maps.
    3. A section with favorites has appeared.
    4. The ability to conveniently share coordinates.
  • Security
    1. Developers can use Apple authorization without tracking over the network.
    2. Decide for yourself who sees your name and photo in Messages.
  • Messages
  1. Stickers from your own Memoji.
  2. Stickers will appear directly on the keyboard with emoji.
  3. On all devices with an A9 processor or later, you can edit Memoji.
  • Camera
  1. New effect for portrait shots.
  2. You can adjust the light intensity.
  3. New photo editing tools.
  4. New filters.
  5. Now you can rotate the video.
  6. A new way to view your photos.
  • Homekit
  1. HomeKit Secure Video analyzes the video on the device, rather than sending it to the cloud for processing.
  2. Video from surveillance cameras will be uploaded to iCloud, where no one will see them except you.
  3. ICloud will store up to 10 days of shooting.
  4. These video files do not occupy the memory of the main iCloud storage.
  5. Netatmo, Logitech, and Eufy are the first supported cameras.
  6. HomeKit will automatically protect your routers.
  • Airplans
  1. Siri will be able to read new messages as soon as they arrive.
  2. Standard Messages and messages from third-party messengers are supported.
  3. You can share movies and music with friends.
  • HomePod
  1. Handoff will appear on HomePod.
  2. You can use Handoff with music, podcasts, and even calls by holding your iPhone to the HomePod.
  3. Listen to iHeartRadio, TuneIn,, and another 100,000 radio stations.
  4. Determines who is speaking and personalizes the response.
  • Carplay
  1. The biggest update is CarPlay.
  2. Now the screen displays more content.
  3. New Calendar app.
  4. New design of the Music application.
  5. Siri at CarPlay works with Pandora, Waze, and other third-party apps.
  • Siri
  1. Now it uses not a recording of a human voice, but a synthesized artificial voice that sounds more natural.

In the near future it will become known about more changes in iOS 13, and we will tell you about them.