iOS 14: All New CarPlay Features

In iOS 14, Apple not only made significant improvements to the iPhone home screen, but also made several important changes to CarPlay.

If you often use CarPlay while driving, you will definitely love the changes. Below, we'll cover all the new CarPlay features in iOS 14.

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CarPlay is so popular among usersdue to the fact that it provides convenient and safe access to important functions of the device while you are driving. With CarPlay, you can easily reply to messages, switch music, find routes, and more. In iOS 14, the function will work even better, since Apple removed the old restrictions from it.

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Wallpaper support

This change may seem minor, butWallpaper support will be added to CarPlay. This means that you no longer have to look at a black background. You can choose from five default wallpapers for the first beta of iOS 14. The CarPlay wallpaper does not have to match the iPhone wallpaper.



Unfortunately, you cannot set any image as your CarPlay wallpaper. Nevertheless, this is already something. In addition, some wallpapers are dynamic and will change throughout the day.

New application categories

CarPlay has always only supportedcertain types of applications. IOS 14 will add support for new categories, including parking apps, gas station apps, food delivery apps, and more.



Siri improvements

Siri gets smarter in iOS 14, and that goes for tasks tooCarPlay. You will be able to use Siri in CarPlay to send voice messages. You can also share your exact location. Previously, only text messages could be sent. The change is great, because Siri doesn't always understand accented speech well.

Horizontal status bar

Users with a vertical display will now be able to move the CarPlay status bar to the bottom of the screen. It should be more convenient.

Support for Japanese and Chinese keyboards

CarPlay in iOS 14 supports Japanese and Chinese keyboards. This will make it easier for users of the respective countries to find waypoints in the navigator and more.

Improvements for messengers

All messengers will work better in CarPlay. Apps will show lists of previous conversations and contacts, while music apps will show album covers right in the list.


It's not really a CarPlay feature, but it's with itconnected. Users will be able to open and start their cars using the iPhone. Using CarKey, you can open the car via iPhone, then put the smartphone on wireless charging in the car and start it.

The feature will be available on iPhone models with a U1 chip, i.e. iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 will also be supported. The feature will appear in iOS 13. The car must also support it for everything to work.

You can try the new CarPlay features now by installing the first beta version of iOS 14 on your iPhone.