IOS 9 release time

Last week at the presentation of “Hey Siri”, Apple announced that the final version of iOS 9 will be released on September 16.

We can only guess what timeiOS 9 will be released as it is completely dependent on Apple. However, based on the time of previous releases, Apple should release an update around 20-00 Moscow time.



Since 2010, Apple has been producing largesoftware updates at this time. If you're curious about what time iOS 9 will be in your time zone, we’ll help you. Check this table to find out the release time of iOS 9 in your time zone.

* = Adjusted for DST or Daylight Saving Time (68 belts).

Wed = Wednesday, September 16, 2015 (122 belts).

Th = Thursday, September 17, 2015 (23 belts).

If you can’t find your city in the list, then check TimeandDate to find out the release time for iOS 9.