iPhone 14 Pro‌ and iPhone 14 Pro Max are almost in short supply: Apple does not have time to produce the required amount, so supplies will be limited

During the fiscal fourth quarter 2022 earnings report, Apple CEO Tim

Cook (Tim Cook) announced the limited release of the new smartphones iPhone 14 Pro‌ and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

What does it mean?

According to the head of the company, the demand for these modelsexceeded all expectations of Apple, so initially the pace of production was insufficient, which affected sales. And now the manufacturer does not have time to make the required number of gadgets.

Right now, Apple is "working very hard tomeet demand,” but Tim Cook expects supplies to continue to be limited “for some time.” For example, many ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ and Pro Max models do not ship until November in the US official store for online orders.