iPhone 8 will begin shipping by November, Touch ID location in question

The presentation of the iPhone 8 is expected in September this year, according to the annual schedule of Apple, but the release of phones may

start later than usual.

According to the Mac Otakara report, which compiledinformation from suppliers and manufacturers of accessories, the launch date is again in question. The report said that Apple will begin to ship the iPhone 8 in bulk in the first half of the fiscal quarter of 2018, which means the phone will see the world in October or November this year.



This would confirm the mass of rumors and expectations.analysts. Doubts about the release of the iPhone 8 have intensified over the past months. Many expect the release to take place in September along with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and the device will begin shipping at least a month later.

Another hot topic for discussion is Touch ID,and what Apple is going to do with this technology. It was rumored that the company was able to place it in the OLED display, but others say that Apple has replaced it with face recognition, since it is impossible to integrate the sensor into the display.

The report says that the sensor will be onfront of the phone with a display from edge to edge, but with a slight indentation on the top. It can be assumed that there will be two aperture sensors, a front camera, an IR sensor and a receiver. This would definitely confirm previous reports, in which it was assumed that new functions would be added to the front camera.



Other rumors hinted that the Power button onThe iPhone 8 will be slightly larger than before, and this may mean that Apple could have integrated Touch ID into it. But, if the Mac Otakara sources are correct, this will not happen. They claim that there will be no additional sensors in the Power button, that is, Touch IDs will not be integrated there.

So far, rumors are more inclined to the fact that Apple will integrate the Touch ID sensor into the display or completely remove this technology. The fingerprint sensor is unlikely to add to the side or back of the phone.

And another hot topic is colors. Recently there was information that the iPhone 8 can be released in four colors, and one of them will be “mirror”. But this may not be true. In the last report, only one color option is mentioned - black. It is not yet known whether this color will be the only one, or Apple will add more options in the future.