iPhone SE 2 will be manufactured only in India

According to numerous rumors, Apple is going to release an updated version of the iPhone SE.

Online more than once

reports appeared that the company will releasea small smartphone with a glass case and wireless charging support, like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Some argue that this year Apple will release the iPhone SE 2, which will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but this is still hard to believe.



However, today a new report has already appeared onproduction of an updated model. It says that Apple plans to produce the iPhone SE 2 exclusively in India. The company organized production in this country only last year, and some iPhone SE parts are indeed made in India, but most of the production remains in China.

The report also says that the updated iPhoneSE will not be presented at Field Trip March 27th. It is not clear why some even expected this, but the report once again confirmed our assumptions.

There is no denying that Apple could organizeiPhone SE 2 production in India. Moreover, the model can even be released in it exclusively. But do not forget that production there was organized only last year. If iPhone SE 2 will be sold not only in India, then there is simply no point in redirecting all production to when there is China.