It became known how Xiaomi solved the long-standing problem with the proximity sensor in smartphones Xiaomi 11T

For a long time, users of Xiaomi smartphones have been complaining about the incorrect operation of proximity sensors,

moreover, it has not yet been possible to solve it. But the release of the Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro smartphones could change that.

What changed?

The fact is that instead of conventional sensors, new itemsXiaomi uses the development of Elliptic Labs - AI Virtual Proximity Sensor Inner Beauty. They run on the AI ​​Virtual Smart Sensor Platform, helping to use only software-based sensor solutions that either replace or complement existing hardware sensors. Simply put, a virtual sensor can easily replace a conventional one.

Earlier, there were rumors that the Chinesethe manufacturer ditched Elliptic Labs sensors. But now the software developer assures that Xiaomi continues to use their solutions in more smartphones. Based on this, it is safe to assume that the partnership is likely to continue.

“Elliptic Labs' partnership with Xiaomi is strong and weare pleased that the company continues to use our products in more smartphones as it has become the second largest smartphone OEM in the world. The AI ​​Virtual Smart Sensor Platform enables manufacturers to introduce new functionality without the need for hardware sensors, reducing costs and eliminating supply risks. We are confident that our AI virtual smart sensor platform will continue to deliver the savings, performance and value that innovative partners like Xiaomi need to continue this growth, ”Elliptic Labs said in a statement.

And whether the complaints will stop after the start of using virtual sensors - time will tell.

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