Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 Electra will work on all devices, including iPhone X

There is only one day left until WWDC 2018, which is very pleasing to all developers. Jailbreak fans too

there is reason for joy - the CoolStar developer, who created the Electra jailbreak, confirmed that his updated tool will work on all devices with iOS 11.3.1, including the iPhone X.

It seems that everything is ready to upgrade Electra with iOS 11.3.1 support.

The current version of Electra supports iOS 11.1.2 thanks to the exploit of Ian Beer async_wake. He recently discovered a new exploit of iOS 11.3.1, and now promised to release another one next week. All exploits will be used for the updated version of the Electra jailbreak.

In addition, a company security specialistAlibaba has already released KPP bypass in public, which is also important for jailbreaking. The specialist himself has already confirmed that the bypass supports all ARM64 devices. Now everything rests on the shoulders of the CoolStar developer - he just needs to combine all this and release the Electra update with support for all 64-bit devices with iOS 11.3.1.

Judging by the developer tweets, CoolStar is readystart work on jailbreak. He was surprised at the feedback from users who helped him raise funds to buy an iPhone X to test his updated tool.

CoolStar acknowledged the errors and stability bugs of the original version of the tool and promised to fix them.

Wow, as soon as I opened the donation page on the Electra website, many began to donate money ... I must admit, I did not expect this.

Apparently, really a lot of people appreciate my work and do it silently and patiently, unlike annoying beggars.

It is a pity that during the jailbreak version 11.1.2 there were more beggars, but now everything is different.

I did wrong with PR tactics regarding jailbreak 11.0 - 11.1.2, but this time it will be different.

When creating the tool for 11.1.2, I made several mistakes (the first pancake is always lumpy), but this will not happen again.

I will try to add support for all devices with A10 / A11 processors. I should be able to add all the possible functionality.

Otherwise, you still get root shell access and SpringBoard tweaks.

Soon I will be able to conduct tests on the iPhone X and I will try my best to get support for this model as well.

CoolStar has not reported anydeadlines, but we can at least be sure that there will be an Electra tool update. If you still haven’t done this, you should roll back to iOS 11.3.1 as soon as possible while it’s still possible.