"James Webb" sent a photo of the collision of two huge galaxies

The researchers said that the latest image shared by the "James Webb" team shows

two massive galaxies colliding with each otherfriend. This collision is so intense that scientists have noticed its physical manifestation - "sparks". The researchers were also surprised that none of the galaxies has a black hole in the center.

They explained that most galaxies havean active supermassive black hole at the center. There is also such a hole in the Milky Way, and the researchers even got an image of it. When two galaxies collide, astronomers expect the black holes at the center of each galaxy to become especially active. This is due to the fact that during such a collision, huge streams of matter escape from each galaxy.

Therefore, the collision usually causes powerfulshock waves that travel through colliding galaxies. But when the researchers began to analyze two galaxies that had collided with each other, they found that neither of them had an active black hole.

Image of a collision of two galaxies

The absence of any signs indicatingactive supermassive black holes is intriguing. But perhaps scientists have not yet found them - sometimes these objects are difficult to detect. They may be hidden in the mass of galaxies colliding with each other. In addition, it is possible that they are simply not active yet.

Black holes often suck material out ofnearby stars. So the collision looks like the perfect way for all the black holes in the area to freely feed on materials due to the chaos created by the collision. However, researchers are unaware of these qualities of black holes, and the amount of colliding gases and materials in the two galaxies may simply mask the presence of one of them.

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