Japan wants 12 destroyers with upgraded Aegis system that can launch Tomahawk and shoot down Chinese ballistic missiles

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force intends to increase the number of destroyers with the system

Aegis missile defense.

What is known

Japan currently has only eightships with Aegis. In the foreseeable future, the Naval Self-Defense Forces of the country will receive two more destroyers, and by the end of the current decade, the total number of destroyers will increase to 12 units.

Japan is building up its defense capabilities in connection withpossible aggression from North Korea and China. For the same reason, Tokyo will spend about $2.5 billion to acquire and integrate Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of over 1,600 km.

Aegis is an air defense system thatuses Standard Missile (SM) and can shoot down enemy ballistic missiles with a launch range of over 5000 km. However, Japan wants to modify the Aegis to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles. More than $800 million will be allocated for this.

Moreover, Japan wants to equip destroyers with a newversion of the domestic missile Type 12. After modernization, it will have a launch range of 1200 km. Also in the budget for fiscal year 2023 is $100 million for the purchase of SM-6 missiles.