June 26 will present the first camera phone under the display

Chinese manufacturers of mobile equipment are making leaps and bounds towards the technologies of the future.

Very soon smartphones will have front-facingcameras under the displays, and this will become a new trend in the IT industry. The first such phone with an under-screen camera will be presented in a couple of days. Oppo has announced its release date for June 26th.

Phone with a camera under the display

Oppo will be one of the first towill present a smartphone with a selfie-camera, built-in display. This means that the screen will no longer have any additional cutouts for sensors: it will occupy the maximum area of ​​the front surface of the case.

The release of the new Oppo with integrated camera underThe display will take place on June 26 as part of Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai, which will be held from June 26 to June 29. The Chinese manufacturer also published a video teaser demonstrating the evolution of the front case for Oppo. As she first represented a rotating module, then drop-shaped notch, sliding mechanism, etc. In the last frame, you can see that the selfie camera no longer has any mechanical design, but is built into the screen. Thus, this new product will be the world's first smartphone with integrated front-facing camera.

It is worth noting that previously there was also information inNetworks that the technology of cameras under the display is still at an early stage of development. There are some problems in their work, in particular with the loss of optical quality. Nevertheless, the technology is actively developed.

Recall that Oppo is notthe only manufacturer who actively develops this feature in their phones. Other manufacturers (Xiaomi, Vivo and Samsung) are also working on it, but, apparently, will present their versions of similar phones a little later.