Kaspersky Lab told about the longest hacker attack in Russia

Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity expert Alexander Gutnikov spoke about the longest

DDos attack on Russian sites. Discuss

According to Gutnikov, the longest attack took place in May 2022 and lasted almost 29 days. In general, the duration of DDoS attacks increased from 40 hours in April to 57 hours in May.

Now both the duration and the number of attacksdecreases, now they are 4 times less than in March, but 2 times more than in June 2021. There is also a change from general attacks to targeted attacks: cybercriminals are preparing for them thoroughly, studying the specifics of each attacked resource. Such attacks are harder to detect and stop.

“In early 2022, DDoS attacks involveda large number of so-called hacktivists, but then their share in the total number decreased, and we began to record attacks prepared by professional attackers more often. This is evidenced by the increased duration of the attacks and the level of their execution,” Alexander Gutnikov explained.