Kickstarter launches cutest robocot startup

The company Elephant Robotics announced the start of fundraising for the robotic MarsCat. The machine imitates the behavior of real

cats and even knows how to change their character depending on the actions of the owner.

The only thing missing is the fur

MarsCat has adopted some of its living relativesHabits: He can play, stretch and rub his muzzle on objects. RoboCat comes in white, grey, ginger and black colors, is equipped with six capacitive sensors and a 5-megapixel camera in its nose, which replaces its eyes. The internal systems are built around a Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computer. The battery provides up to three hours of battery life under “constant interaction” and up to five hours under light load conditions, such as when MarsCat is lying down or sitting.

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According to Elephant Robotics, the interactionwith MarsCat defines its identity. For example, if you interact with a robot a lot, it will meow more often in response. The cat recognizes 20 keywords, as well as specific commands.

However, the most interesting thing about MarsCat isthe ability to independently program its behavior using an open API. Craftsmen, if desired, can turn it into something like a Tamagotchi, a walking voice assistant, or integrate it into smart home systems. The result is a fairly flexible base that can also entertain children. However, judging by the video, the robotic cat still lacks agility.

You can order MarsCat through Kickstarter; it will cost $649 for the first hundred buyers. The price will increase as sales increase. The first deliveries are expected in March 2020.