Latin America began to use Russian drones

Russian drones have been put into service in Latin America and are already performing the tasks assigned to them.

This became known at the international arms exhibition SITDEF 2021, held in Lima, the capital of Peru.

The developer of these drones is the Russian company Zala Aero, which is part of the Kalashnikov concern. UAVs provide services to the agricultural sector and the fuel and energy complex.

They are operated by UAV Latam, the largest operator providing services related to the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles in Latin America.

“Currently UAV Latam has fourcomplexes Zala Aero. They are already being used, in particular, in the provision of services to the fuel and energy complex and the agricultural industry. We independently use them to perform tasks, provide services to customers and supply drones, ”said the representative of the Latin American operator.

As noted, we are talking about unmanned systems Zala 421-16E, Zala 421-16EV and Zala 421-08M. No other data is provided.

Source: TASS