Leader Nothing announced a price increase on the day of the announcement of the ear (stick)

Various kinds of economic processes in the world lead to the fact that manufacturers of hardware, smartphones and

other electronics began to revise prices foryour products. The small company Nothing did not stand aside either, which, through the mouth of its leader Carl Pei, informed its fans about the upcoming increase in the price of ear (1), and throw not 10 or 15%, but immediately 50 - the new price will be $149 instead of $99. The top manager explained the decision by the increase in costs associated with the expansion of the Nothing team from 3 to 185 people within a year, and also recalled that ear (1) received as many as 15 firmware updates, which made them a completely new product compared to what we seen on release.

Pei also said that since the release, it has been possibleto sell 600 thousand Nothing ear (1), and the device itself occupies a special place in his heart as it became the impetus that allowed the brand to declare itself and enter the production of Phone (1). By the way, there will be no increase in the price of a smartphone - probably, the price tag was already laid down taking into account the new realities. The new price tag for ear (1) will be set on October 26th. On this day, another headphone will be presented - ear (stick).

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