LEGO announced a set of young robotics

On 3 April 2019, LEGO Education presented the SPIKE Prime kit, which will help students learn the basics

programming and robotics.

What is it and why is it necessary

SPIKE Prime is a new LEGO Education solution forschoolchildren of 5-7 grades, allowing them to join the STEAM-learning system (Science, Technique, Engineering, Art and Math, Science, Engineering, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). This system combines all the above disciplines into one program. The designer has created the LEGO Education development team together with teachers for students with any level of training. Most of the projects from the course are implemented in 45 minutes, which will allow them to be added to the school curriculum in the future.

The kit includes Lego cubes, a block with sixports, motors, speaker, sensors and application. The latter is written in the programming language Scratch. Using the set, the child can create his own robot and configure it on the computer. Some variants of such inventions can be viewed in the video.

The program should increase children's interest inlearning and consolidate their knowledge in practice. According to a survey by analyst firm Harris Insights & Analytics, 89% of schoolchildren better memorize material in practical classes, and 47% try to avoid subjects that they often make mistakes. LEGO Education President Esben Stark Jørgensen says:

“Everywhere in the world we are seeing a problem inorganization of training for children of secondary school age from 11 to 14 years. At this age, children become less confident, including in school. With the help of SPIKE Prime recruitment and training materials, we can help these children learn to experiment with different methods of solutions, try something new and, ultimately, become more confident students. ”

Source: Lego Education

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