Lenovo introduced a prototype laptop with a flexible screen

ThinkPad X1 with a flexible folding screen that can be bent inside, is traditional for laptops

design - two equal parts connected by a loopback mechanism. At the same time, the screen occupies both parts of the inner surface of the laptop - this allowed Lenovo to abandon the physical keyboard.

The possibility of bending the screen inward will save space when carrying, as well as protect it from damage. In addition, it will increase the area of ​​the screen itself and, accordingly, the image.

Lenovo laptop will be installed 13.3-inchOLED screen from LG with a resolution of 1920 by 1440 pixels. Using the touch function screen can be used for drawing and writing text. Lenovo will also have an Intel chip, a Windows operating system and two USB-C ports, an infrared camera for biometric identification and Windows Hello and a SIM card slot.

Other technical details of the device are not yet known.