LinkedIn has developed AI that matches the job perfectly

The new AI model is designed to help over 690 million users in 200 countries find jobs that

most likely to suit them.

According to LinkedIn representatives, AI works inQA (quality control) scale: there are “billions” of ratios, but they should be effective for as many job seekers and employers as possible.

Formally, QA tries to project the probability"Positive response from the employer", provided that this participant applies for a certain role. What is a positive recruiter action depends on the context - this could include viewing a candidate's profile, messaging, inviting them for an interview, or sending them a job offer.

AI updates its user information every few weeks in order to combat degradation.

Our task, say representatives of the socialnetwork is to create economic opportunities for each participant in the global market, for this we maximized the efficiency of finding a job seeker for an employer and vice versa.

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