Lockheed Martin Integrates AGM-184C LRASM Anti-Ship Missile into M142 HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket System

The American defense company Lockheed Martin plans to make friends with the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system with

anti-ship missile AGM-184C LRASM.

What is known

Lockheed Martin takes part in the exhibitionweapons Land Forces Defense, which takes place in Brisbane, Australia. As part of the Australian Army's Land 4100 Phase 2 project, the company proposes using the M142 HIMARS to launch AGM-184C Long Range Anti Ship Missile (LRASM) anti-ship missiles.

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The Royal Australian Air Force has already ordered LRASM for F/A-18F fighters. In addition, the Royal Navy of the country also has its eyes on the American anti-ship missile.

Lockheed Martin Australia spokesman James Heading said the company has already begun work on rocket boosters for the LRASM. Another manufacturer, Thales, was involved in the project.

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A feature of the integration of LRASM into HIMARS will be thatthat the rocket module will protrude strongly in front and behind the launcher, but this will not affect the mobility of the system and the ability to quickly transport using aircraft. Tested on a US Marine Corps Lockheed KC-130J transport.