Look at the huge Martian crater that looks like an eerie eye

The Mars Express vehicle from the European Space Agency (ESA) took a picture of the red planet, on

which has a large, city-sized crater.It has dark spots that make it look like a huge eye. Such satellite images could help scientists better understand the geology and history of Mars.

Photograph of the crater. (ESA/DLR/FU Berlin)

The length of the crater is 30 km.It is located in the southern hemisphere of Mars, it is also called Aonia Terra. This area is heavily cratered. The crater that got in the picture is not the largest. Nearby is the crater Lowell, whose length is 200 km.

It is believed that Lowell's other craters were formed after meteorite collisions with the surface of Mars, this active bombardment period was 4 billion years ago.

(ESA/DLR/FU Berlin)

According to astronomers, regions like AoniaTerra, will help you learn more about the composition of Mars. After a strong impact, materials that were previously hidden come to the surface of the planet. Scientists note that the composition of the surface in the image is complex and diverse.

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