Look at the latest picture taken by the Kepler space telescope. After that it was turned off. Forever! ?

Initially, the Kepler mission to search for exoplanets was to last 3.5 years, but the telescope worked in orbit

Suns are 9 years, 7 months and 23 days old. NASA had to turn off the telescope because it ran out of fuel.

The first shot with Kepler was received on April 82009 The Kepler camera consisted of 42 charge-coupled devices (CCD), each with a resolution of 1024 by 2,200 pixels - this is precisely the structure of the structure of the published image.

The published image shows that some of the matrix stopped working and transmit a signal, so there are black squares in their places.

In total, during its existence, Kepler discovered more than 2.6 thousand exoplanets.

At the end of September, NASA astronomers, using Kepler data, found an unusual superplanet not far from Earth, very similar to Mr. Spock's homeland from the Star Trek series, the planet Vulcan.

In June, based on telescope data, scientists fromUniversity of California at Riverside and the University of South Queensland have discovered more than a hundred giant planets, near which there can be satellites suitable for life.