Look at the photos of the collision of the iceberg A-74 with the Brunt Glacier

Iceberg A-74 formed earlier this year, breaking away from the Antarctic Brunt Ice Shelf. Also in

In early 2019, scientists turned their attention to the Brant shelf in Antarctica, where a massive iceberg the size of London seemed about to come off. Almost two years later, he still separated.

For the past six months, he has remainednot far from the shelf, from which it broke away, mainly due to ocean currents. However, in early August, strong easterly winds caused the iceberg to spin around the western end of the Brunt Ice Shelf, colliding with it, before continuing south. Radar images taken by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission show the movement of a 1270 km² iceberg from 9 to 18 August.

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