Look at the tests of an ultra-light electric motor for space rockets

Equipmake claims to have developed the lightest and most powerful electric motor on the market. It is necessary for

the launch of Australia's first rocket manufactured by Gilmour Space Technologies of Queensland, Australia.

Instead of acting assupplier to other companies overseas, Gilmour Space Technologies built the Eris rocket from scratch at home. The diameter of the first stage is 2 m, and the second stage is 1.5 m. The maximum payload is up to 305 kg when launched to a height of up to 500 km.

Gilmour Space Technologies plans to launch the world's first space rocket entirely designed and built in Australia. Photo: Gilmour Space Technologies

It will be equipped with five rocket hybridSirius engines. It uses a liquid oxidizer to operate, but a solid propellant. The rocket, the first fully designed and built in Australia, will launch next April.

"This is the most powerful rocket engine everbeing developed in Australia,” said Adam Gilmour, CEO and co-founder of Gilmour Space, “and has achieved the required flight duration to failure.” The latest test runs are shown in the video below.

Equipmake has developed an ultralightelectric motor and cylindrical inverter. According to the statement, the engineers had to completely redesign the mechanical design of the inverter in order for it to withstand pressure during the transition from the atmosphere to the vacuum of space. It became almost cylindrical, with a carbon fiber shell. This allowed to reduce the weight of the structure.

Equipmake has developed an ultralight electric motor (left) and a cylindrical inverter (right) capable of operating in the vacuum of space. Photo: Equipmake

Representatives of Gilmour Space Technologies said they will increase the scale of rockets for manned space flights. How realistic this project is is unknown.

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