Mac unlock doesn't work with Apple Watch? Try these simple steps.

The macOS feature, which allows you to unlock a Mac using Apple Watch, provides security and maximum

comfort. However, there may be a problem if the function stops working properly.

If Mac unlocking does not work with Apple Watch, here are some solutions you can try.

The most common problem with this feature is thatthe indicator is spinning for a couple of seconds, but it doesn’t unlock the Mac, and eventually a sign that requires a password is displayed. In this situation, solution # 8 will do. You may have other cases, but one solution should definitely help.

How to fix unlock problems Mac via Apple Watch

Solution 1: Check that you have entered your password correctly. Mac while loading.

After turning on the Apple Watch unlock, you have everythingYou'll still have to enter your password if you restart your Mac. This is not a bug, it is a security measure designed specifically. Each time you restart your computer, you first have to enter the password manually. After that, if your Mac goes into sleep mode, you can unlock it using Apple Watch.

Solution 2: Verify that you have entered your password. Apple Watch.

Like the Mac password, the Apple Watch password must also be entered manually first. This is also a security measure designed to ensure that no outsider can unlock your Mac.

Solution 3: turn the function on and off.

On a Mac, go to > System Settings> Security. Select tab Main, then remove and check the box next to Allow Apple Watch unlock Mac.

Solution 4: check that you are logged in to both devices on the same account.

On a Mac, go to > System Settings> iCloud and check that the account here is the same as on the Apple Watch in the Watch> General> Accounts application.

If the account does not match, you can not use the unlock function.

Solution 5: Make sure that Macs have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be enabled to transfer information. If they are turned off, Apple Watch will not be able to connect to the Mac to unlock it.

Solution 6: check that on Mac off function Internet Sharing

On a Mac, go to > System Settings> Sharing and check that access has been disabled.

Solution 7: check to Apple Watch was at a distance of no more than an outstretched arm from Mac.

This is understandable, but you still need to be close to your Mac to unlock it for hours.

Decision eight: restart everything.

If nothing worked, just restart your Mac and Apple Watch. You may need to reboot your Mac more than once in order for the function to work properly.