macOS 10.15 turns your iPad into an external display and graphic tablet for Mac

According to people associated with macOS 10.15 development, the next update to the computer operating system

may contain a feature with which you can turn your iPad into an external display for Mac.

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Developer Guillermo Rambo claims that macOS 10.15 will allow you to stream any program to an external display or iPad.

When you click the open window button in full screenthe option of broadcasting the program to an external display, including the iPad, will appear. When you select an option, the current program window will appear on the selected display or iPad.

The company’s function is called “Sidecar”.

Moreover, this feature can even turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for Mac. You can draw using the Apple Pencil on the screen of your iPad, and the image will appear on the Mac.



“Engineers are also working on a feature thatwill allow you to attach windows to one side of the screen, as in Windows. " This part is not very clear, because Mac computers automatically fix windows from 2016.

The Sidecar feature resembles the Luna Display, a device that connects to a Mac and turns the iPad into an external display.

Below we can see an overview of the adapter. Luna Display.

If you are interested, an adapter Luna Display costs 80 dollars.

It is not known whether the feature will allow applications to be streamed from iOS to Mac. However, we know that iOS 13 will contain many improvements for the iPad, including detachable panels in application windows.

Apple announces macOS 10.15 at the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference.