Mad retrofuturism 60x: the first trailer of the first DLC to We Happy Few is presented.

Publisher Gearbox Publishing and Studio Compulsion Games have published a trailer for Roger & James in They Came from Below

adventure game We Happy Few.

What's new

The main characters of the addition will be residentsWellington Wells - James and Roger. They will go to the dungeons of a crazy city in search of a secret laboratory for researching portals leading to other worlds. From these portals, by the way, invading robots constantly threaten the well-being of Wellington-Wells. Pieces themselves are represented in the style of retro-futurism of the 1960s.

The developers promise an interesting story with many surprises, a detailed study of the locations, new weapons and equipment. Bestiarium, in addition to robots from the planet Zhelezyaka, will be replenished with new bosses.

Roger & James in They Came from BelowYou can buy on Steam separately for 149 hryvnia (699 rubles) or as part of the Season Pass for 780 hryvnia (599 rubles). Of course, the game will require the original We Happy Few, which until April 13 can be purchased at a discount.