Mastercard and Visa banned from paying with their cards on Pornhub

It became known that Mastercard and Visa companies were banned from paying with their cards on Pornhub. This is due to

accusations of posting sexually assault videos of minors that flew towards Pornhub.

Recall that literally at the beginning of Decemberjournalist Nicholas Christophe published an article in The New York Times entitled "The Children of PornHub", which tells the stories of teenagers who were uploaded to the service without their permission. In his post, the author also criticized search engines, banks, and companies for supporting PornHub, which makes money from sexually abusing children or unconscious women.

Now Mastercard, afterof my own investigation, made sure that the service really allows you to publish illegal content. In this regard, it is no longer possible to pay with Mastercard on this porn site. Visa has not yet completed its own investigation, but has also limited payments from its cards to Pornhub.