Media: Overwatch 2 will add a story campaign and a new multiplayer mode. Announcement at BlizzCon 2019

Yesterday, a Twitter user showed gamers the first images of Diablo 4 and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Now on the Web

Details about Overwatch 2 have leaked.

What is known

The information was shared by the ESPN esports website.which cites its own sources from BlizzCon and the event's training document with details about Overwatch 2. Kotaku started talking about the project back in June, saying that players would focus on PvE activities, but the ESPN document revealed more details.

According to the publication, it will appear in Overwatch 2story mode “player versus environment”, where gamers will also have access to character skills and items. One of these missions will be a “story experience” for four players in Rio de Janeiro.

According to ESPN, developers are focusingon the plot, but Overwatch will also add a new Push mode, which will stand alongside Assault, Control, and Escort. In addition, the activity will be available on the new map in Toronto.

Be convinced or disappointed in the words of the sourceplayers will be able to at BlizzCon 2019. According to ESPN, Blizzard will bring Overwatch 2 to the exhibition, where gamers will be able to play the story and multiplayer modes. In addition, Echo, a new character for the original Overwatch, may be announced at the event.