Media: Game of Thrones author worked with Dark Souls creator on secret game From Software

Game of Thrones has been won, but George Raymond Richard Martin continues to create. In his blog he said,

that he works on projects for HBO, Hulu and has even managed to make his mark in the gaming industry.

What is known

In a publication by George R.R.Martin wrote that he served as a consultant for a Japanese video game. The island is home to many famous studios, but according to Gematsu, the Game of Thrones author has been collaborating with From Software for three years, helping Hidetaka Miyazaki with his new project. In case you've forgotten, this designer is both loved and hated for the Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice series.

According to Gematsu's source, the new projectFrom Software is an open-world RPG where the main character will travel across kingdoms and kill local leaders. According to the source, the studio is calling the game “GR”, and gamers will officially see the joint creation of Miyazaki and Martin already at E3 2019, during the Xbox conference.

Back in December 2018, Miyazaki said thatFrom Software is working on two major projects, but has yet to reveal details. Perhaps George R.R. Martin is working on one of these games. We also note that recently a NeoGaf user revealed Microsoft’s plans for the exhibition, leaking the planned announcements, but the project with the abbreviation “GR” was not there.