Meet Roundhouse: Bethesda has opened a new studio for the sake of the game from the authors of Pray and Rune

Bethesda continues to expand its holdings and has acquired another studio that has already begun work on a new

project of the company.

What is known

The new studio was formed by natives of Human HeadStudios, which “closed its doors” in November 2019. According to the creative director, the team turned to Bethesda for help and received it. The company organized a new studio called Roundhouse Studios and offered each employee at Human Head Studios a job.

“We turned to our friends from Bethesda forhelp, and they saw creativity and passion in our team. With the creation of Roundhouse Studios, Bethesda offered each Human Head employee a position in the new company. We are glad that our team will stay together, doing what we love, as part of the studio that we already know and admire, ”said Chris Reinhart, creative director of Roundhouse Studios.

It is noteworthy that Human Head already collaborated with Bethesda, but in 2006 they ran away due to the cancellation of the publisher Prey 2.

Human Head Studios opened its doors in 1997and managed to release eight of her own games, including Rune, Prey, and Dead Man’s Hand. In addition, the team worked on Batman: Arkham Origins and BioShock Infinite. The latest project of the studio was Rune 2, which reached personal computers on November 12, 2019.

The new Roundhouse Studios has already taken up Bethesda's new “unannounced project,” but the details remained within the studio.

Over the past month, this is the second studio, whichwent under the wing of Bethesda. At the end of October, the publisher of the Alpha Dog mobile games took over the publisher. MonstroCity: Rampage !, Wraithborne and the shareware remake of the game with Atari 7800 called Ninja Golf came out of the studio. What Alpha Dog is doing is also not clear, but, given the studio’s portfolio, the team could be entrusted with a new mobile game Bethesda.

Source: VG247

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