Mercedes will buy cobalt and lithium that do not harm the planet

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will soon switch to supplying cobalt and lithium for batteries

from certified mining enterprises -so they want to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. In the future, the German automaker plans to completely abandon the use of cobalt, finding a replacement among environmentally friendly analogues. In particular, Mercedes-Benz will be monitoring research into green battery cells.

In the next two years, the company will studythe situation of cobalt and lithium mining in various countries and work with local organizations to reduce harm to the planet and improve workers' rights. Mercedes' Responsible Business Standard will promote Responsible Resource Management - the company hopes other automakers will support their initiative. If they fail to rectify the situation on the ground, they will end several supply chains.

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“In the future, we will work only with thosesuppliers who agree to fulfill our requirements - said Markus Schaefer, member of the company's management board. “By doing so, we are paving the way for clean raw materials that other market participants can benefit from.

The company also plans to start its researchfor the production of cobalt-free batteries. According to preliminary data, new battery packs of the new generation can include 10% less cobalt as new mixtures become available. Mercedes plans to partner with Tesla, they also want to use less harmful materials in their cars.

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