Microsoft redesigns Outlook for macOS and Windows

We have already seen the teaser of the changes that await the design of Windows 10 in the near future. Parallel company

Redesigns the design of branded applications. Already now you can see how the Outlook mail client will change. Interestingly, the version will undergo a redesign not only of Windows 10, but also for macOS.

The new design is quite similar to Outlook foriOS: monotonous panel on top and a small set of basic commands. In general, the interface has been greatly simplified to make it intuitive for both new users and those who are already familiar with Outlook.



The control panel can be customized to your liking. On the left side of the screen are icons for quickly switching between multiple accounts (again, as in Outlook for iOS).

The new Outlook for macOS is generally very similar toversion for Windows 10. The control panel and account switching icons are the same here, however, the built-in search and calendar have been redesigned. The application will look for the letters you need much faster and more accurately, and the calendar is convenient for adding new appointments directly in the mail client.

It is unclear when the public release will take place.Updated Outlook, however, an internal beta test for both systems has already begun. Most likely, Office 365 subscribers will be the first to test all these changes, after which this version will be included in the Office 2019 package.