Microsoft is developing a single advertising platform for small businesses

The Garage advertising platform uses one budget, monitors the effectiveness of advertising on all platforms and

distributes the budget across several channels,while optimizing performance. Garage automates the generation of ads, extensions, and keywords. Small business representatives have already expressed interest in testing the platform.

The presence of companies on the Internet may bethe best way to attract new customers, it is incredibly time-consuming. The new Microsoft project is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises go online, providing them with a platform for managing advertising on social networks.

Most of the work is driven by artificial intelligence. No need to go in and out of multiple platforms.

Running search ads requires higherlearning curve. Decisions to run search ads on Google or Bing require knowing when to bid on keywords and how much the budget is worth. AI also needs to know how often ads are shown.

After logging in, marketers can dorequesting the platform to help them advertise and manage social media campaigns. Marketers can advertise on Bing and Google, Facebook and Instagram. Those who prefer to run ads on search engines can use Bing and Google.

Users can connect up to 10 profiles,which include their company name and phone number. Garage then asks users to indicate their goals. This may be a greater number of visits to websites, an increase in the number of phone calls or an increase in attendance at physical points. You need to select a category along with the status of the campaign.

There is a section that indicates location orientation, for example, within 25 miles of a physical enterprise.

Two types of advertising are available: text and video. Image and text ads are posted on Facebook and Instagram and are created based on selected categories. Pre-created video ads are not yet available. Microsoft also offers campaign budgets and tracks performance.

LinkedIn advertising is also under development.

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