Microsoft has released the next update to Windows 10 and broke the "Start"

Microsoft has recently released an update package for all supported versions of Windows 10. As a result,

complaints from users rained down.

What happened

Originally planned to release an update forin order to fix the problem with printers. The fact is that the update under the number KB4517211, released at the end of September, was supposed to solve the error with a muffled sound in games. But after installing the device, they “refused” to print documents on the printer.

To fix this error, Microsoft andreleased an update. However, now new complaints have appeared on the Microsoft and Reddit forums: when you click on the "Start" button, the menu does not start, giving a critical error message. And for some, the update is not installed at all.

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So far, the only way out is to remove the update.KB4524147 through the "Parameters" section. Most likely, Microsoft will soon release a new update to fix the error, but experience has shown that it will bring users a new headache.