Microsoft releases Windows Holographic with colorblind mode

Microsoft said in a release statement that the new color-blind mode will make HoloLens more accessible. His

can be found in the Settings app underSettings > Ease of Access > Color Filters. In total, several new filters are available within the new version. Grayscale and tritanopia are some of the available filters.

Second, when HoloLens 2 is running in warmconditions or high performance requirements, the new Power and Thermal SDK allows applications to adapt to reduce thermal impact.

Microsoft has also introduced a single app kiosk policy to allow IT administrators to run other apps using a single app kiosk.

In addition, improvements have been made to the moving platform mode. This feature allows you to track moving platforms with low dynamics, such as large ships and large marine vessels.

In addition, some bugs have been fixed in the updated version:

  • Updated version of Microsoft Edge browser for incoming messages.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling advanced diagnostic data would not retain the selected option on the telemetry options page after a reboot.
  • Fixed an issue that caused MDM enrollment to hang when applied with runtime provisioning for local accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where kiosk mode would not switch to global kiosk (if configured) when crashes occur in AAD group based kiosk configuration.
  • Fixed graphics memory leak issue during some camera usage scenarios.

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