Microsoft revealed Surface Smart Earbuds wireless smartphones

Another new product shown at the Microsoft Event is the Surface Earbuds smart headphones.

What's interestnig

Headphones have

touch and voice control.A triple tap will start playing music, a double tap will connect you to Spotify, a single tap will sync with other devices, and you can control your music with just a swipe. The kit includes a charging case. According to the manufacturer, the device will work for up to 24 hours without recharging. There is also a noise reduction system, a bi-directional microphone and surround sound.

Surface Earbuds would be a good choice forpresentations, because using voice control you can open different Microsoft programs and show data from them. For example, change a slide in PowerPoint. The gadget is also capable of translating speech into one of 60 languages ​​in real time.

Sales will start during the holiday season, Surface Earbuds will cost $ 249.