Microsoft unveils Xbox game streaming device

Phil Spencer (Phill Spencer), the head of Microsoft, today, October 10, introduced a special device for streaming

Xbox game transfers.

What is known

Spencer posted a photo of the device inTwitter, where you can see it on a shelf in the Microsoft office. This is not a large box, similar in appearance to the Xbox Series S, and its main purpose will be access to Xbox games through the company's Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

We first learned about such a device from thecompanies last year. Then many more suggested that it would be something like a flash drive with an HDMI port for connecting to a TV or monitor. Although the company is still developing the device, we can already download with confidence that it will be a separate device that will be connected to a TV or monitor via a cord.

Most likely, on board the gadget will have access tomedia services such as Netflix and a simple interface to launch the games themselves. So far, the device does not have an official name, but is being developed under the code name Keystone.