The millionaire decided to host PUBG in real life with a prize of £100 thousand

Over the past few years, the battle royale genre has become popular and has gained fans from all walks of life.

population. And while some gamers are saving money for skins and battle passes, others are trying to make PUBG live.

What is known

An unknown millionaire decided to buy himself an islandon the HushHush website, but not for the sake of a cool party, but for the “battle royale”. Anonymous is looking for an organizer who will gather 100 people in one place and create an arena for battle. The project developer is offered £45 thousand for six months of work, but the “players” will compete for a prize of £100 thousand.

But don't expect any news about massacres soonon the island. A true battle royale will use airsoft guns and sensitive protective gear to record hits. The competition will last three days, 12 hours a day, and participants will be provided with food, shelter and medical support.

Organizers who are interested in the project must fill out a form on the website before April 22, and the winner of the competition will be chosen on May 10.