MIT's Optimus Drive system embodies the idea of ​​a drone

Huge companies are spending billions to develop self-driving cars that can drive around the world. In it

At the time, the guys from MIT approached the matter differently. Optimus Ride drones only travel in areas that they have thoroughly studied.

In such areas, these machines are absolutely safe.reach a speed of 40 km / h. Developers focus on sleeping and commercial areas, university campuses and airports. The founders of the project estimate the cost of transport services in such places at $ 600 billion.

Optimus Ride is currently deployed inSeaport area in Boston. In semi-test mode, unmanned buses run in South Weymouth, Massachusetts and, more recently, in the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard. This year, the team plans to deploy several buses in California and Virginia.

The main feature of the project is the scanning systemterrain. If a typical self-driving car drives from point A to point B, it sees each piece of the landscape only once. Optimus is intended for something else: it is a kind of bus that runs between the same points. This allows you to analyze the same area many times, thereby opening up incredible scope for self-learning.

Moreover, the machine is able to analyze the so-called. driving culture, determining the habits of drivers. The team states that it notes many small details, such as the turning radius of a bus that constantly travels in Seaport. However, according to the authors' plan, Optimus does not load itself with unnecessary information, and if something could not be captured by the sensors or processed by the computer, then this thing will be noticed in the next flight. Of course, if this is not something of priority.

While the team is set up to cooperate with real estate agencies, which can provide a place for tests and full use of Optimus Drive.

Source:MIT News Website