MIUI Gallery app code mentions flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

After the presentation of Xiaomi Mi 11, rumors appeared on the network that the Chinese manufacturer would later show the Pro version

devices. Now this information has been confirmed.

What is known

XDA Developers forum member kacskrz "dig deeper "in the new version of the MIUI applicationGallery The program code mentions support for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro smartphone. Consequently, the company is still preparing a novelty. Unfortunately, there are no details about the device in the code.

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If you believe the rumors, the device will receive the samedesign, as in Xiaomi Mi 11. The device will differ only in some parameters. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is credited with 100W ultra-fast charging (versus 55W in the Mi 11), a 5000mAh battery (versus 4600mAh), and a main camera with an additional periscope sensor. For a smartphone, they will ask for about $ 700 in China.

Source: XDA

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