MOBA with Marvel Realm of Champions superheroes has a release date for iOS and Android

A couple of days ago, Kabam opened pre-registration for downloading Marvel Realm of Champions on Google Play and the App Store, and now

the developers have also announced the release date of the game.

Superhero MOBA

In a new trailer showing the possibilities for customizing heroes, the studio revealed a release date. Marvel Realm of Champions will be released on December 16 on iOS and Android.

A free-to-play MOBA with 3 battles awaits players3, in which Marvel heroes enter the field. The developers have already confirmed the participation of the Hulk, Iron Legionnaire, Web Warrior, Black Panther and Storm. More champions will be added next month with the release of the game.

As in other MOBA games, heroes are divided into alreadyclassic "tanks", "damage dealers" and "support" who perform their respective roles on the battlefield. Among the modes of players waiting for a classic battle between teams, in which the parties will try to destroy each other's towers. Kabam has also prepared a co-op PvE mode, where three heroes will defend the artifact.

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