More than 100 million Chinese use the Study the Great Nation daily. In him for the points you need to watch the news

For each completed task, users receive a certain number of points.

The working trip of the head of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping to France users will receiveone point, and ten points for passing the test on the country's economic policy.

Officials make people in China useStudy the Great Nation. Those who have low points in the application have to write explanatory notes. At the same time, this duty is not only among schoolchildren and students, but also among government officials and private business employees.

It is not yet known whether the use of Study the Great Nation correlates with the country's developed social rating system.

Recently it became known that in 2018The Chinese government has banned 23 million people from buying air and railway tickets. The main reason was the low social rating of people. By 2020, China plans to create a dossier for each citizen, containing all the data on the "social rating".

In the USSR there were also ideological disciplines - “The History of the CPSU” and “The Foundations of Marxism-Leninism”, which schoolchildren and students always had to study.