Motiv: smart ring with NFC and unique owner definition

Smart ring, fitness ring, Motiv has many names, but the essence is the same - this is the most convenient device for

monitoring the user's physical activity.The original idea of ​​the ring from Motiv is constantly being updated with new functions and features. The latest innovations that the company announced at the electronics exhibition are the integration of an NFC module for making contactless payments, as well as an electrocardiogram sensor. Moreover, the ECG works as one of the methods for authenticating the user (owner)

Smart update

It would seem a slight-looking change.Motiv in its ring, adding features that are not new in themselves, can still make a mini-revolution in the wearable device segment. The thing is that the built-in NFC model will allow you to pay in stores without having to take a smartphone with you, but you don’t even need to install payment cards without protection, you need either a smartphone or a fingerprint scanner built into the ring. But both options are not very convenient, take a smartphone, why then build a ring, a scanner is too big for a ring.

Heart safety

And this is where the sensor monitor comes into play.user heartbeat. In the Motiv ring, ECG readings will be saved, analyzed, and the software will make a unique heartbeat imprint of them. Any other person will not be identified as the owner, and will not be able to pay anything, not the nature of the heartbeat. And it is more difficult to fake it, because it is not a photo, not a fingerprint, you cannot immediately make a copy. So, this method will replace standard authentication, and will do it even more efficiently.

By the way, this method is not the only one, there is alsopassword protection, the so-called token authentication, as well as biometric identification. In this token, it is not some numbers that need to be driven into a smartphone or a ring (there is no place), but a special hand gesture. The ring recognizes this gesture and gives green light. The rest of the identification methods work in tandem with a smartphone, this is a well-known dactyloscope through a telephone and face-unlock. And another way the ring has is recognizing by gait. Each person has an individual gait, it is the same fingerprint, no longer found in anybody. By the way, with the help of the ring, you can log in to your Chrome accounts, as well as the Edge browser, without a password.

The cost of a smart ring is $ 199,Buy now at Amazon. It will be necessary to accurately determine your size, and then place an order. Amazon has a tool for precise ring sizing.

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