Motorola claims that the flexible RAZR display is durable and won't break like in the Samsung Galaxy Fold

A few days ago, Motorola has finally announced the legendary “clamshell” RAZR with a 6.2-inch flexible display

Flex View. And today we’ll talk about its reliability.

(Not?) Durable

The fact is that the Motorola RAZR display folds inward, like the competitor Samsung Galaxy Fold. And his experience is rather sad: the first samples of the smartphone broke in a couple of days.

However, Motorola representatives are confident in the durability of the flexible RAZR display:

“We did not launch the new Motorola RAZR on the market,until we were convinced that he was ready. We are fully confident in the durability of the Flex View display, and, based on our research, it will work for the average life of the smartphone. We recognize that this is a completely new technology, and we strive to continue to improve as the industry develops. Therefore, we have created a world-class service package so that every RAZR customer has exceptional experience. ”

And if it breaks?

Now let’s dwell in more detail on the “world-class service package”. It will be available only in the USA, although it is possible that in the future it will be received by users from other countries.

So, if your Motorola RAZR breaks the screenor another part - the company promises to make repairs or replace the smartphone within 24 hours. If the flexible screen breaks down during normal use, it will be replaced for free. If this happened under conditions that are outside the scope of the standard warranty, the repair will cost $ 299.

And this is a pretty nice amount. For comparison: replacing the iPhone 11 display costs $ 199, the iPhone 11 Pro costs $ 279 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs $ 329. Replacing the flexible display Galaxy Fold will cost $ 149, but only for those who buy a smartphone before the end of the year. Regular cost is $ 599.

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