Motorola RAZR: folding smartphone is getting closer

It feels like the heat around foldable smartphones and tablets with flexible screens is fadingto none.

This is due, among other things, to a not very successful release(not to the market) Korean Galaxy Fold, which has already been announced with a launch date, but problems have postponed (or canceled) this oneAt this time, the Chinese company Huawei with its version of the Mate X clamshell is trying not to excite the public in vain, so that the same default does not happen to itHowever, there is another manufacturer that consumers are waiting for a flexible smartphonevery actively, it is the Motorola RAZR.It acts as an alternative to the previous two, and hasA slightly different form factor, but also with a flexible display

Reason for popularity

The main reason for such popularity and highExperts see degrees of waiting in nostalgia. The latest RAZR - folding V3 came out 15 years ago, and until smartphones appeared, this phone model found 130 million of its owners. The new owners of the Motorola brand (This is a Chinese company Lenovo) started playing on nostalgic notes three years ago when they released the first video teaser with the atmosphere of previous years. Recently, several renderers appeared in the network, in which a new (already smartphone) RAZR was demonstrated. And everything would be fine, there are few renderers, but a proprietary triangular package was also demonstrated, in which supposedly it is planned to sell a novelty.

What showed

According to Engadget, the Chinese company duringThe official event the other day showed a new video, lasting 33 seconds, in which a new clamshell was again shown with additional details.

Later it turned out that this videoshowed the concept of a new smartphone, which was filmed not by the company, but by a certain Vakar Khan. In the video, the smartphone rotates, the lid opens, and three variants of the body colors are shown. The motives of the company are not yet clear, for which the video with the concept was shown, and also during the official event. The concept on the video resembles renders, based on the illustrations in the patent documentation. Perhaps it does look like a future original, but both users and experts express doubts.

What does it look like

Structurally, the new RAZR is very different fromwhat Huawei and Samsung showed. The Koreans clamshell is a tablet that collapses, the Chinese manufacturer, the tablet collapsed too, but the screen out. RAZR remained the same folding phone as its progenitor - opens vertically. At the same time, the diagonal of the screen of the novelty does not seek to be as large as that of the tablet, in the expanded form the screen is the usual 6 inches. If you fold it, the device turns into a small device that fits in your palm and in a small pocket.

What's inside

On hardware, there are also leaks,the validity of which so far no one has officially confirmed. OLED matrix with a resolution of 2142x876 will be used. The smartphone turned out to be more elongated in comparison to One Vision. And if the presented flexible smartphones under the hood had the most top-end Snapdragon 855 processor (Koreans) and Kirin 980 (Chinese), then Motorola decided that the Snapdragon 710 processor would be enough for a smartphone. Productivity is enough for all tasks, and the price seriously falls. RAM is supposed to be 4 gigabytes (and version with 6 GB), 64 and 128 gigabytes of storage. A dactyloscopic scanner styled as a logo will be attached to the back panel, a camera at the top, a battery with a capacity of 2730 mAh with high-speed charging. As the OS, the ninth version of Android will be installed, adapted for clamshells.

In addition, the novelty will receive a small externaldisplay to display operational information, time, date. Track controls can also be displayed there, notifications will be displayed, and the ability to work with a trackpad, for example, in games or navigation. The cost is estimated at 1.5 thousand dollars. There is information that a batch of 200 thousand copies may appear on sale in the lot of the current year.

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