MVD is testing portable cameras with face recognition technology NtechLab

Portable cameras from NtechLab resemble small radios that can be mounted on clothing. Devices can

Identify the identity of any person a police officer passes by. The camera detects the person, compares it against the database and shows if the person is on the wanted list.

The system also offers all known data abouta person whose face was in the frame. The camera can allocate it at a distance of 4.5 m. The Russian division of the Chinese company Dahua Technology is engaged in the production of the cameras themselves.

According to NtechLab representatives, theythey actually developed portable video recorders with facial recognition technology, but did not comment on their introduction to the Russian security forces. According to them, now these cameras are being tested by private security companies.

Previously, the Department of Information Technology City HallMoscow has started testing smart glasses with NtechLab's integrated face recognition technology, which they wanted to equip Moscow policemen with in the future.

About the development of this project so far nothing is known.

In September last year in the Moscow systemCCTV integrated face recognition technology from NtechLab. Now, every person who is in the visibility of a network of 170 thousand cameras will be identified. Moscow authorities say it will help speed up the detection of crimes.