NASA launched Kickstarter fundraiser for the scent of Eau de Space with the smell of space

American state-owned company NASA launched fundraising on Kickstarter crowdfunding site

a very unusual product - Eau de Space perfume with the smell of space.

What is known

The fragrance was created by a chemist and the founder of the companyOmega Ingredients by Steve Pearce. According to the official website, the company is engaged in “the creation of natural flavors and ingredients of the highest quality for the food and beverage industries”.

According to project manager Eau de Space MettRichmond (Matt Richmond), NASA signed a contract with Pierce in 2008 and it took him about 4 years to create a fragrance. Initially, the smell was planned to be used for training astronauts before launching into orbit, but now the company decided to release it for everyone. However, the main goal of the Eau de Space perfume is to increase students' interest in learning.

By the way, in 2002, astronaut Peggy Witson(Peggy Whitson) in an interview with CNN described the scent of space as "the smell of a gun, right after you shoot." But according to Matt Richmond, he looks like "a mixture of gunpowder, fried steak, raspberries and rum."

Recall, the other day, NASA announced a contest of ideas for a space toilet on the moon with a prize pool of 35 thousand dollars.

Source: CNN

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