NASA will send the Psyche probe into space in the fall to study the eponymous metal asteroid 450 million km from Earth, which may be the core of an unformed planet

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to send

space probe Psyche. It will be used to study the asteroid of the same name hundreds of millions of kilometers from our planet.

What is known

NASA wanted to launch a space probe in the pastyear. The launch window was open from 1 August to 11 October. However, the agency delayed the mission due to software incompatibility with the test bed simulator.

NASA specialists fixed the problem, but could not fit into the launch window. As a result, the mission starts in October this year.

A metallic asteroid is in the distance450 million km from our planet. Psyche will hit the target in late summer 2029. The probe will fly around the space body for 26 months. Scientists believe that the asteroid is the core of a planet that failed to form.